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2020 reflections

2020 hasn't been easy. Not only was I unable to work due to restrictions in lockdown, but the build of the amazing new indoor arena was affected, meaning that I still do not have a clinic to work from. But, for me, it has been a gift.

I changed careers 2.5 years ago after a full on 12 years in the RAF, going straight into setting up my practice whilst working 2 part time jobs to ensure I could pay my mortgage. I've completed a degree level BTEC L6 qualification, a L4 and 2 x L3s. I live alone and am blessed with a dog and a horse to take care of. I love my life but I rarely just...stop...

2020 enforced a rest period. I've worked on my mental and physical wellbeing, recognised imbalances and priorities, slept and enjoyed the beautiful countryside that I am so lucky to live in and done a lot of CPD


I'm desperate to return to helping others, worried about the future, but overall I am thankful and trying to see this year as a gift.

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